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Chrp is an AI technology company whose mission is to create a better homeowner experience for over 1.2 billion homes on the planet. Using our proprietary state of the art AI, we analyze everyday components for failure because we believe that every homeowner deserves to have a healthy home™.

Chrp works by harnessing the power of two of your most powerful allies in the fight against claims, the homeowner and technology. Chrp’s virtual assessment platform uses the power of the homeowner to conduct a fully configurable home assessment on steroids (interior & exterior). Taking those photos we use AI & ML models, trained with construction and insurance expertise to analyze the report and identify potential future claims.

Chrp was built bespoke for the residential home insurance market with the insurer and underwriting top of mind. We tout one of the most extensive home condition artificial intelligence use case library in the industry focused on where extensive research has shown us claims are most frequent and severe.

Results will differ for every insurer, some of the benefits Chrp can cause include: Reduction in loss ratio, increase in underwriting efficiency (measured in time to review inspection reports), and reduction in claim frequency.

No! Chrp runs off of any browser you already have on your mobile device.

Yes! Chrp has a partnership with a physical inspector that operates in all 50 states.

It will depend on the size of the home and the breadth of the assessment. We typically expect 30 minutes for a 3 bedroom home, interior and exterior.

Chrp has over 250 proprietary artificial intelligence use cases, and is adding more every month based on requests from our clients.

Yes! Chrp home assessments cover all of the key hazard areas both inside and outside of the home.

Probably less than you are currently paying! For all commercial inquiries please contact sales@chrptech.com

Seamless Home Assessment App

What is the Chrp mobile app?

The Chrp mobile app enables homeowners to conduct a simple, do-it-yourself home assessment.

To learn more, please watch a quick video about the Chrp mobile experience.

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