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What is the Orion180 mobile inspection app?


The Orion180 mobile inspection app enables homeowners to conduct a simple, do-it-yourself home inspection.

To learn more, please watch a quick video to learn more about the app.

Chrp is an AI technology company whose mission is to create a better homeowner experience for over 1.2 billion homes on the planet. Using our proprietary state of the art AI, we analyze every day components for failure because we believe that every homeowner deserves to have a healthy home™.

Orion180 strives to be better partners to you, so they continue to explore the world’s most innovative solutions to enhance your experience as an Orion180 customer. They partnered with Chrp Technologies, an industry leader in inspection and analysis technology, to empower you to conduct your own virtual inspections.

An Orion180 Home Inspection is part of your homeowner’s insurance underwriting process and helps to ensure your home is healthy for years to come. A home inspection consists of an exterior and interior inspection of your home meant to identify and help protect against known risks. Once complete, a member of our internal team of experts will review the report to ensure you and your home are protected from unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. While this process may seem unusual, rest assured that it is very common and does not mean there is an issue with your policy. This process is designed to protect your home and keep your rates low.

Yes, your insurance agent has been briefed about the process and understands the requirements. If you have any questions or concerns about the Home Inspection, please reach out to your agent.

This process typically ranges from 60 to 90 minutes; however, it can take longer depending on wifi/cellular network connection speed or lack of familiarity with smartphone technologies.

We recommend doing this inspection during daylight hours to capture the best photos. This is especially important when conducting the exterior portion of the inspection.

Step 1: home and policy information: Validate and update information about the home. We’ve pulled information from Orion180 and publicly available home data to speed the process up, but we still need user input to make sure it is correct. 

Step 2: interior inspection: Take images of specific areas and items inside of your home (e.g., kitchen sink plumbing)

Step 3: exterior inspection: Take images of specific areas outside of your home (e.g., front of your home)

Additional details for each step can be found in the downloadable document.

Click here: inspection data capture.pdf

Click here for iOS/iPhone: iphone_how to upload photos.pdf

Click here for Android/Samsung or other:  android_how to upload photos.pdf

If the photo upload takes more than 4-5 seconds, try turning off your wifi and use service from your cellular network. We find most people are too far away from their wifi modem, and this impacts the website’s performance.

If you do not have good cellular network service, use your phone’s camera app, take the required photos offline and upload them in the Chrp app directly from your phone’s photo library.

Please find a downloadable document that outlines the requirements for the inspection.

Click here: inspection data capture.pdf

If you are unwilling or unable to use the Chrp app, please let us know and we’ll assign an inspector to come to your home and undergo this process for you. If you just need some technical help please email inspectionsupport@chrptech.com and one of our staff will promptly will respond to you by email.

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